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Privacy Policy (Policy on the handling of personal information)

Terms of personal information to be handled on the corporate activities, and complies with the terms and provisions laws and regulations, in-house various rules and regulations and “guidelines for the protection of personal information in the telecommunications business” and manage this properly, to protect, our customers, business partners, and employees, and other officers of our company (hereinafter referred to as “employees, etc.”) for the purpose of operation and improvement of personal information protection system for peace of mind stakeholders, will determine the following privacy policy.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Get your personal information, about the handling of any other use, Protection Act, related laws and regulations of other provisions of the Telecommunications Business Law in accordance with the confidentiality of communications, we, following guidelines for the protection of personal information in the telecommunications business, I will comply with this privacy policy and “Guidelines”.

Publication and use of specific purpose

On particular, we, will be announced in advance as much as possible the use of personal information about you that we have acquired. In addition, if you want to get direct personal information as set forth in writing of the contract or the like from the customer to make clear what the purpose of use to you in advance. For the purpose of use, please refer to a given page of each service.

Use within the scope of the purpose of use

We will handle your personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes that you have published to identify in advance. However, if it corresponds to one of the sixth, Paragraph 3 of each item of guidelines, it is possible that handling your personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes that you have published to identify in advance.

Retention period

Except as otherwise provided by law, determine the retention period of personal data to the extent required for the purpose, we erase without delay your personal information use objectives or after the retention period has elapsed I will. However, it is not as if this is applicable to one of the items of Article 10 paragraph 2 guidelines.

Safety control measures

Will strive to keep the content accurate and up-to-date your personal information, to protect unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, from damage and the impairment, we will take the security measures necessary and appropriate.

Supervision of employees

We will necessary and appropriate supervision over employees so that the safety management of your personal information is achieved. It will also conduct education and training necessary to ensure proper handling of personal information to employees.

Supervision of contractors

We may entrust a third party to the extent necessary for the purpose all or part of the handling of your personal information. When selecting a contractor, make sure that contractors are properly handled your personal information, determine the proper handling of personal information. In addition, make the appropriate and necessary supervision to contractors and include items related to audit the handling of personal information in the contract.

Provide to third parties

In our cases listed in each item of Article 15 Paragraph 1 guidelines, it does not and unless otherwise stipulated by law, without your consent, provide your personal information to third parties.

Shared use, etc.

If a person receiving the offer of the personal information corresponds to one of the items of Article 15 Section 4 guidelines, handling, our customers as a person receiving the offer of the personal information does not correspond to “third party” without the consent of, you may want to entrust to a third party
handling of your personal information, will be provided. Item of personal information to be shared use, purpose of use, and for the personal information management responsibility’s name, we will publish the website given for each service.

Request for disclosure, etc.

Disclosure of personal information, or if you wish to stop the provision to a third party or stop the use or Delete correction, or add, please request in accordance with the procedures of our specific customers or notification, of the purpose of use of personal information . Billing procedures for disclosure of personal information, please contact us for each service.

Complaint handling

We will respond quickly and appropriately inquiry concerning other complaints from customers regarding the handling of personal information. Inquiries other complaints, will be posted to a predetermined page of each service.

Corresponding leakage occurs

If the leakage of personal information of our customers has occurred, such as notify you as soon as possible the facts, and then respond in a prompt and appropriate manner.

Continuous improvement

Development of internal rules for the protection of personal information, such as through internal audits and employee education, we will strive to continuously improve the handling of personal information within the company. 

1st Revised August 2010


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